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{Design Art.}.

Who is {design Art.}?

About us

{Design Art.} is a group of collaborating creative people enjoying the synergy of any project while we focus our minds together on the art of technology as web design developers. We mainly care about 'results that produce results'. We put our clients first in every step of the process. Although we creatively collaborate with artificial intelligence, we'd much rather chat with real intelligence. This means you! Working along with (but not limited to) the Architect, Interior Designer and Builder, we are here to serve you with the very best an agency can provide. We are a group of artists, designers, developers, photographers, videographers, drone pilots and engineers who create together building you a premium product. Our paramount goal in returning to the elegance of design and rendering, is to present an excellent customer experience with powerful results at processes completion. We are very passionate about web design, so let us encourage you to choose us for your go-to web design developers. Join us!

Portfolio of Work is on the Way!

How it works

Our simple design process

01 {first week.}
Scheduled Discovery Session

We will connect with you through a scheduled video call to discuss strategy for addressing your purpose, problem and goals. Here is where we will know if you need content such as a logo, copy,  images and, or video.

02 {Second week.}
Receive a Quote & Gather Content

After the Discovery Session, you will receive a quote via email. If you're ready for the next step, we will collect certifiable quality content, images, and branding from you. All of your content will be gathered into your new CMS. {If you have no content, we can help you with building content as well.}

03 {third and fourth week.}
The Creative Process Begins

Next, is where we will do a design sprint with you, using mood boards and demo websites for a clear idea of your goal. This will be the first set of revisions including wireframes, Figma Drafts, prototype presentation and feedback. If needed, there will be a total of three sets of revisions.

04 {Fifth and Sixth Week.}
Development Started

When the client has certified the design and prototype, or we have completed three sets of revisions, we will start development of your site and run tests, SEO and responsiveness. This will insure the functionality of your site before the official scheduled launch date.

05 {seventh and eighth week.}
Development Finalized

Finally, we will present to you a finalized design for client approval and launch date. We do this by doing a handoff of your site and video training of using the Webflow editor and CMS. This transition should ensure you for future changes of your site on your behalf and happy growth to your business and clients!

Schedule your Discovery Meeting or contact us today to get an estimated proposal.

We are looking forward to working with you!